Thursday, April 10, 2008

To My Dear Nate the Great...


Ten things I miss when you are gone.

Some how my mornings are just not right without your saying Good Afternoon to me.

And no one can give me your special Nate hug! Sigh ...

I must say that our meal time is very dull. I miss the usual yelling down the stairs several times (that dinner is ready, waiting and getting cold) and trying to get your attention by flashing all the basement lights {noise cannot penetrate into your lair (workroom)}. I also miss singing to you "up from the grave he arose" when you emerge. Yet another sigh...

No one can make my harp sound "Chinese" like you do Nate!

I have no one to show me his new brown belt techniques, and no one to lovingly throw me around.

No one to make me laugh at Myself.

No one to be wonderful and lend me his nice camera.

No one to be my chauffeur, body guard and do all my talking for me. (That is talking to other people, I usually don't have too much trouble talking Nate's ear off) ;)

No one to give me"blue eyes", just so I can see what I look like with "blue eyes". ( It is amazing what you can do on a computer)

And last but definitely not by any means least, I have no one to go grocery shopping with me. No one to tell me to choose the cart (I always get the wrong size) and scold me if I smush the bread in the process of loading the cart.

Well I must end my lament now and get back to normal life. But as soon as you get home I want my much needed Nate Hug. I also would not mind lots of stories and pictures.

I can't wait to see you!!!
with oodles of love,


Nate said...

Thanks, Bird.

Anonymous said...


Neat post! I know in the homeschool realm it's not unusual to be best friends with our brothers and sisters, but people in the world look at us a little strangely. I like watching siblings who love each other. Yea! for you for not being afraid to say it.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!


Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that I do the same 'yelling for supper' with my brother. Only I yell up the stairs instead of down. One time in the summer I yelled out the door not knowing where he was and he heard and came home. I found out later that he was two blocks away...inside a house...with the windows shut! And he still heard me! ~Melody

Kristi said...

Haley, this is simply adorable. What a wonderful thing to have an older brother who loves you so much! I have two taller-although-younger brothers now and they are wonderful. Brothers are just amazing people. I laughed and sighed reading this darling post... what a sweet thing to be able to peek into your special relationship with your brother!
I am glad you that you have Nate!