Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Christmas part 1


We have been soooo busy with wedding preparations that our Christmas pictures have just laid dormant. I enjoy them even this much after the fact. Better late than never-- they always say.

(Sorry to offend those of you with some sense of timing).

Wrapping presents until the wee hours.

Christmas morning. This year I was up WAAAY before any of the kids. Harrumph.

First Ken reads Luke 2.

Then we open the presents in our stockings.

These goofy things were in our stockings. We really had fun with them!
(some of us more than others).
Every year we try to give each of the kids an ornament that represents something about that past year. Gretchen is holding a sparkley wedding bell ornament (all the planning that's gone on) and Kyle got a heart.

That look on Kyle's face means, "Oh no. What are they doing to me now." He's already opened several disguised gifts. Notice the knowing look on "Gretchen the Innocent." Hum. Believe it or not, that present is a snow shovel!

Grandpa Bud's yearly chocolate covered cherries.

Matthew went on a treasure hunt of sorts this year. The clue indicating his present's location was hidden inside this tennis ball. =)

More Christmas is coming!!!

You can skip the next couple of posts if you need to,
but don't miss Nate's video demonstration "Disguising Presents 101"!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gettin' Ready

These guys are lookin' GOOD !

The wedding is gettin' close.
Let's see . . . . . . . how many days are left????

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bridal Shower

These beautiful young ladies helped with yesterday's Bridal Shower for Gretchen.
Pictures are coming.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Work Weekend!

We headed down to Kyle and Gretchen's new home for a working weekend.

We were so excited to be able to help, but we needed to take most everything we would use with us, including the food. (Always keep your workers happily nourished!)

The van was sooo stuffed that we weren't sure that we could fit the girls in! We did! But it was a real trick to get them out when we stopped for supper on the way. Here's a small portion of what we took. There were a few things that we forgot. You'll hear about those later.

Here are the worker bees!

Nate and his antennae!

Ken ( who is a plumber) and Jud ( who built his own home) volunteered their skills. They were incredible. They worked hard and long and always kept a joyful spirit. I can't believe how much they accomplished in two short days! They were truly love in action.

Haley enjoyed having her friend Emily along. Emily was a trooper! She slept on the floor, faithfully did any job we asked and was an encouragement to us all.

These two. "silly grin" They are highly motivated to work and work they did!

James and Matthew were indispensable. They were the jacks of all trades. I think Matthew's favorite thing was painting and he loved going under . . . the house that is. Notice the hazy look in this picture? We'll explain in a moment.

Andrew joined in the fun. He is an expert painter so he got his fair share of paint fumes for the weekend.
Ken was the quiet worker who did so many prep jobs.
Like spackling and washing the windows.

The Bathroom!
They took

out! Down to the studs.
They put in new plumbing and set the new tub.
Can't wait to see how it all turns out. It will be a cute bathroom with a shower!

Master Bedroom

Kyle and Gretchen were so excited to find a wood floor underneath that carpeting!

Paint Paint Everywhere!


Ceilings . . . . . . Everywhere!

Kyle set up two beds in the living area. It worked well for sleeping and a spot to sit.
The beautiful quilt in this picture is a sampler quilt that Grandma Glenna made for Gretchen. How fun to be able to use it in her new home.

Notice the haze in a few pictures?? Some love addled person forgot the pan for making meatloaf. Have you every tried making it on a cookie sheet? Don't bother to try it. We did for a while anyway. The house was filled with the lovely aroma of smoke. Finally we did go get a pan from Kyle's place.

The Dining Area!

Washing all the fans and lights.Let's see what's under here.

Removing the paneling. Hooray there's drywall underneath.

The Kitchen!Before it was decided to remove the cabinets on this wall.

Kyle made biscuits and gravy for Saturday's breakfast. Yummy. :-)
Kyle you can cook for us ANY time.

Moving the cabinets - they're going to make a few changes on the kitchen layout.

Everyone loved the stylish orange and green they uncovered in the kitchen.

Those cabinets sitting in the dining area.

Once they removed all the paneling, it exposed the bookshelf in the living room. It was kind of fun to peek through!
Break Time!

Working everywhere.

It was SO cold outside. The temperature was in the single digits!
I can't believe that Matthew was out without gloves!
Yikes. What we mothers don't know.

Nice way to warm up!