Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Her Royal Chubbiness

Uncle Nate's the royal carriage!

Uncle Matty does the funniest stuff. Royal Jester??
Can't wait to run around with him!

Nana and Great Grandma understand me best!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Spring at our House

I always watch for the first robin to indicate that spring is here. This year I spotted one a number of weeks ago. There are other signs at our house as well.

I think of that song that states; "Spring is in the air". (Who sang that? Barry Manilow? I don't remember any other words!)

Well . . . . . "Convention's in the air". Are you humming?
We are! "grin"

We are down to the last six weeks and really gearing up!

We sure hope to see you all there!

What a tremendous privilege to serve these wonderful home school families.

Friday, April 24, 2009

More History Day Photos

History Days are soooo much FUN! Since I'm behind on blogging I am putting up pictures from several different times that we got together.


Each time we gather someone shares a report. They can report on anything that interests them from the WWII time period. I cannot believe how much I've learned. In some events you could see the hand of the Lord so clearly.

"The LORD sat as King at the flood;
Yes, the LORD sits as King forever. " Psalm 29: 10

For some of the kids who haven't had gavel club, it wasn't very easy to get up in front of everyone. But they did a fabulous job!

Although you can not see it well, Haley also made a woman's suit from a pattern of that time period. It was really hard to make. It required all sorts of techniques that I had only learned when I took a tailoring course in college. She did a great job and I am so proud of her.


Melody graciously came and taught a class on cartooning. She is not only a gifted artist, but an excellent teacher. (You know that the Lord will use that in her family and in the Body of Christ) I sure wish her family lived closer. Think of all the wacky(and educational) things we could do?!?
Thank you Melody!

Susan brought samples of cartoons from WWII. Here's one that she shared with the kids:

Crystal Radios!

Well we tried to build radios! We'll just leave it at that. I do think that the Barnard's got theirs to work thanks to Dave.

Silly Putty!

This was truly an experiment.
Nate said we'd have to mix it
for a long time.

45 minutes later it still wasn't
anything but liquid.

Jason and Katrina came later and got in on the middle of the mixing. They got the last bottle of glue which happened to be the Elmer's brand glue. Glue is glue right?? WRONG. At least not when it comes to making Silly Putty.

In less than 10 minutes their mixture began to "gel". Harrumph. Don't try this with inexpensive glue.

Although it was still a bit sticky it was well worth the experiment. We talked about a whole bunch of things that were invented during WWII.
Next time you eat MM's think WWII.

Here's the recipe:

Silly Putty
1 cup Liquid Starch(available in Grocery Stores)
2 cups Elmer's all-purpose Glue
3 drops Food Coloring
Large heavy duty Zip Lock bags

Put all ingredients into the bag. Lock the bag. Carefully squish the contents together. Don't pop the bag. When mixed add food coloring.
To keep it from drying out store in a baggie.

Ration Stamp Cafe
We ate at a special cafe for lunch. Everything here had to be "purchased" with ration stamps.

The ration prices on each item reflect how easy or difficult it would have been to get these goodies.

Some things we just plain didn't have enough of. You wanted to be in line first to have the best selection. Some of our stamps even ran out at a certain time that day! Yikes!

Our Cafe Lady noticed the service men and announced that they always get preferential treatment and got to go first! Yay

You paid with the stamps in your ration book. Although this was not really how rationing worked at the time, it gave us a tiny taste of the concept.

It's great to be able to find copies of the real things online. These are based on the real things as well as we could. Each student had their own book.

Puzzle Quiz

We had a puzzle quiz based on the life of a war correspondant. If you answered the questions correctly the answers made a poster of his life and the books he authored.

Games of the Times

We did indeed eat Spam! We ate it straight from the can (like the soldiers in the battlefield). We ate it in a recipe broiled on toast and we ate it fried!

Fried was the favorite method. The boys loved it!!

Here is a brief Spam history from the official Spam site.

Hormel Spiced Ham got off to a slightly rocky start. Other meatpackers began to introduce their own canned luncheon meats, and Hormel lost its controlling share of the market. Soon, however, they came up with a cunning plan to rectify this situation - they would give Hormel's luncheon meat a truly catchy name. Toward this end, they offered $100 for a suitable appellation. The winning name was, of course, ''SPAM'', and a legend was born.

  • SPAM was launched with much high-profile advertising in mid-1937. It was called ''the Miracle Meat'', and promoted as an anytime meat.
  • In 1940, SPAM was the subject of quite possibly the first singing commercial. The jingle was to the tune of the chorus of ''My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean'', and the lyrics were ''SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM/ Hormel's new miracle meat in a can/ Tastes fine, saves time./ If you want something grand,/ Ask for SPAM!''.
  • Hormel also sponsored George Burns' and Gracie Allen's network radio show, which included ''Spammy the Pig''.
  • During World War II, sales boomed. Not only was SPAM great for the military, as it required no refrigeration, it wasn't rationed as beef was, so it became a prime staple in American meals.
  • SPAM supported the war effort more directly, too. Nikita Kruschev credits SPAM with the survival of the Russian Army during WWII.
  • This one is hilarious! During the late 1940s and early 1950s, the Hormel Girls performing troupe advertised SPAM as they performed throughout the country, distributed SPAM door-to-door, and even had a national weekly radio show. Ads proclaimed, ''Cold or hot, SPAM hits the spot!''

I couldn't resist this cartoon. I'm putting it here especially for our Grandfathers' enjoyment. =)

Radio Drama

We are producing a radio drama. We found the scripts of old time radio programs online!

We found a Fibber McGee and Molly drama. Fibber goes through his "closet" for the scrap drive. It's so fun.

The Library has some cd's of one of the Fibber McGee and Molly programs. The music was big band and it helped us all to get the idea. We hope to do a few of our own commercials also.
The kids are even making their own sound effects. Once Nate gets home we will record the whole thing!

Our wonderful group!