Friday, June 29, 2012

May Happenings

May had some wonderful happenings.  One of the happenings was Andrew. 

He made a quick visit home!

 We always celebrate with food.  Actually that is more important than usual when Andrew comes home, because he can't get many of our foods in Uganda.  example - watermelon, blueberries

{Of course we have to feed everyone else as well. } "wink"

"Partners in crime." -- according to Haley

You did notice my beautiful Mother's Day flowers from the kids, Ken and my sweet Mom?! 

I must have forgotten to say "smile". 

We love you Andrew.  XOXOXOX

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Those Thomas Sisters !

We had a wonderful visit from my Aunt Marylyn.  She is Mom's younger and only sister. 

She calls us all honey, says ya'll and speaks with a warm southern accent.  (I love to listen to her talk.)She stayed with Mom for 2 1/2 weeks and they had a blast.  (Such a blessing to have a sister!)

We headed up to a large green house in Sturtevant that has a cute little sandwich cafe' and gift shop.  That's not even mentioning the rows and rows of beautiful plants.  (Boy, talk about temptation.  You'd be proud of me ----- I only came home with one Caladium plant.)

Is it true that you go through a second childhood when you are mature enough that you don't care what others think??  YES  They were so much fun!  We laughed at all their remembrances.  Oh the stories.  They ate their chocolate first and didn't hesitate to joyfully encourage and love on each one of us.  Wish I'd gotten more pictures.

Thank you Mom and Marylyn for all the fun.  We hope this Texan can come up again soon.  XOXOX