Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What a Different Christmas!

This year we celebrated Christmas differently than we ever have before.

Yes Gretchen & Kyle came.  The grandchildren as well.  Andrew was also here from Uganda. Woo Hoo!! We did have a wonderful time together. 

However there was no tree.  
No presents.  No cards.  No baking.  
(That was okay.  Kyle baked enough wonderful goodies to make up for our lack!  We are so blessed to have a son in law who enjoys cooking.  Every time they come to visit we wonder and look forward to what he might cook.)

Our family received a large present on the 23rd right before Christmas.

It was too large to wrap.  It was too large to deliver.  

I am sure that you have figured it out. . . . . . 

We have been getting ready to move.   This year has been spent packing!