Saturday, May 30, 2009


Dear friends, I thought that you might like to hear that
I(Haley) have added a new stamp to my passport. Mexico is the fifth foreign country I have visited. As some of you early blog followers might remember two years ago Gretchen went with Dad on a business trip to Curacao in March of 2007. Every two years Dad's business takes their customers on a company trip, and since Mom still does not like hot weather and Gretchen is married and has a baby Yea......Oh sorry, :-) any way the long and the short of it is that I was able to go with Dad to Los Cabos Mexico! We went the first week of March, thankfully before the swine flu problem. As you see this post is a long in coming, but if I had posted about it before the weather here got nice, some people might end up being jealous and that would not do.

Waiting to welcome us.

We had a suite and a normal room which was really nice,
they were adjoining. First there was Dad's room.....

and then there was the dining/living room........

and my room.

In case you are wondering where Los Cabos is, it is on the tip of the Mexican peninsula that is beneath California. Los Cabos is between the towns Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos is also where Gretchen and Kyle went for their Honeymoon.

Map of the Baja California Peninsula - Baja California, Baja California Sur, Mexico

On the second day there, we went site
seeing, first we went to San Jose del Cabo, which
is the older and quieter town.

The yellow van in the foreground is a taxi,
most of their taxi's are that size.

After seeing nothing but brown at home it was refreshing to see vibrant
colors and plants that did not look like they were dead. :-D

On one of our free nights Dad and I enjoyed dinner here.

This place was a luncheon/dessert place.

An electrician's nightmare.

Our tour guide took us though various art gallerias.

Then it was on the Cabo San Lucas the " wild" town,
and the Glass blowing place.

I had never see blown glass in progress,
so it was a fun treat for me.

I can not see how they can stand the
heat in the middle of summer!

When they were done, they took a piece of paper and
touched it to the hot glass and it went up in flames.

Then we went to the flee market. I do not have any good pictures of it. If you picture to yourself a room crammed full of bright colorful tickets, so many that you do not know where to look first, plus getting turned around all the time because it is practically a labyrinthine maze. Then add the noise of people talking in both Spanish and English. Then you will have a pretty good idea of what it was like.

The Harbor.

I will be posting more pictures later.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Stories and Pix Coming from Matthew & Andrew's Adventure Weekend

Matthew is working on a post about his adventure with Andrew.

Here are a few random pictures to wet your appetite.

More will be coming soon. (I hope)

He had a blast. Nothing like a knowledgeable and wonderful older brother to explore museums with!

Coming Soon!!
"The Adventure of the Two Brothers"
by Matthew

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We had some visitors . . . . . .

Kyle and Gretchen brought Alaina up for a quickie visit with her Grandma! (Well everyone else too) They knew I needed to see her and get some smooches in.

At first she was a little overwhelmed with the new surroundings and many happily staring relatives. Here I actually got her to laugh. I think that it was because she wasn't looking at me. You know. . . . . . . . . . . scary grandmas! "smile"

Mom and Dad joined us for a little Memorial Day cookout.

Dad's the best baby holder. He always sings/hums/whistles/mumbles these wonderful tuneless songs. He's done it with all the kids. I loved it! So sweet and comforting.

Oooo look at those kissable cheeks.

Sorry everyone, I'm a new Grandma.
"goofy grin"

We decided Alaina needed a new "Do". (observe previous pictures) So out came the baby barrettes and-- ta da -- "Whale Spout"!!

Alaina saves her biggest smiles for Kyle. She loves her daddy!

Once she's safe in Daddy's arms she can look around at everything and everyone new!

(Thanks you guys for the visit. It was a life line at this busy busy time.)

Monday, May 18, 2009