Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Time . . . . oh my nose is cold!


 (Is that a word?  Use it all the time.
It rhymes with help and kelp it can't be all bad. . . . .
How is it spelled  wellp, whellp, oh I don't know.)
Now I've forgotten what I wanted to say!!!  "silly grin"

Oh yes.

Welp, we've had some wonderful snows this year.  I really love it. The pine trees in the yard are gorgeous and it feels so cozy inside. 

Andrew came over for pizza supper and we took some winter time pictures. 

We were celebrating Haley's birthday.  She made delicious French Silk Pie. 

Many of us had fluffy fuzzy socks on to keep our footsies warm.  So we applied a little peer pressure and convinced everyone else to indulge in warm socks.  Here's the outcome. 


Who is in control now??

World domination!

 Rival for power!!

Can you tell who has the mismatched socks??  Hum fits the personality. 

I feel warmer looking at these pictures.  I do!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

News on "The Penny" !

 Filmweavers is busily working on poster designs for "The Penny".  Thought that you might like to see the latest one. 

New Poster Concept for "The Penny"!


On Monday of this week Nate had another ADR session.  It was fun to meet Molly and her mom Debbie. 
Wouldn't you know it, Debbie quilts!  You can guess what we were busy talking about.  She also showed us some of the projects that she brought with her.  They were cute Easter felt projects. 

I borrowed this post from the Filmweavers' blog.

Another Great ADR Session

This past Monday I braved the wintry Wisconsin roads down to Nate Sisson's sound studio for another ADR session.  It was great to see Molly Kunz (who plays Kate Carter) and her mom Debbie again.  As I've said before, things are much more laid back when recording ADR so it's fun to spend time with the actors in this less stressful environment. 

The recording session went great and we even captured some interviews with Molly to use in the behind the scenes portion of the DVD.  Who knows, maybe a few small BTS clips will even show up here before the DVD comes out...

Friday, February 26, 2010

February Fun

We trekked down to K&G's house for Haley's birthday.  It was the only thing that she really wanted to do!  I couldn't talk her into a play, fancy dinner etc.  She just wanted to see Alaina.  
Well Alaina didn't disappoint.  She remembered us, welcomed us and showed off for us like crazy.  

After we were done greeting one another at the door she wanted to show us all her toys and kept pointing to the living room! 

 This is her new way of smiling!
Babies are little learning machines.  We can't believe how much she's learned each time we see her!

Uncle Matthew is the choice for wild playing.  They were "chasing" each other around and around this chair. She loved it.

She is such a sparkler and is obviously delighted with all the things she can do now!

 Then she noticed that her Mom was eating a cutie orange. 

She got herself right over there, pointed right at it and signed "more" and "eat".  We had never seen her do that before. 

Intelligent child.  She definitely got that from her Grandparents! 

Gretchen mentioned that it was time to brush her teeth.  Off she crawled straight to the bathroom. It was so much fun to watch.

It was amazing if the tooth brush made any contact with her teeth!

But she loved every minute of it! 

When they were all done, there was not a drop of foam in her mouth but she had to lean over the sink and make spitting sounds. That was totally unexpected and we just burst out laughing!

Here is little miss with Grandpa "reading" a book.

She knows all about these flaps and showed Gpa how it's done!

Grandpa doesn't read it like Mama and he makes the best noises!  

Happy Anniversary !

Our Internet has been down for a couple of days!  UGH.  I had no idea how much we use it.  I am thankful that it is now all sorted out.  "relieved smile"

So . . . . just a few days late:

Happy Anniversary Kyle and Gretchen!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lainio Gathering

In October we had a small Lainio gathering at my folk's home. 

Thank you to my cousin Alan (in the baseball cap) for getting us going.  It was so much fun to be together and get caught up with one another. 

 We got to meet Alan's fiancee' Caroline.  She's a keeper.  We all managed to behave ourselves so I don't think we scared her away!  "smile"

Here's a picture of my brother Gregg's family.  His girls have the most sparkling blue eyes and red hair.  The little one, looks just like Gregg did as a baby. 

Yes we had fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello Najah . . . . .

. . . . we are thinking of you with love and prayers!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yep . . . . It's February

. . . . .I need a little sewing to balance out my life.  "smile"

So I have started this "pink project" and sneak upstairs to work on it every time I have a couple of minutes together.

I'm about to cut this one out too.  Guess who likes this fabric?? 

What are you up to that brings balance to your "work" life?

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Penny

Last weekend we had some company.   Post production is in full swing for the feature film that Nate has been working on, The Penny.    I borrowed this from Filmweaver's production blog.  For more of the story and pictures you can go there!

ADR for "The Penny"

ADR recording for "The Penny" is currently in full swing.  For those unfamiliar with it, ADR (short for automated dialogue replacement) is the process of re-recording lines of dialogue from the film which for some reason or another were unable to be used from the original audio recorded during production.  Sometimes the shot was too wide to properly mic the actors, other times traffic or wind noise may have been too loud, etc.

This past weekend Brian Morvant (who plays "Rick") and Kyle Walters (who plays "Curt") flew in from New York City to record their ADR down in Illinois at Nate Sisson's studio.  It was a jam packed couple of days as we worked long hours to get the necessary work done in the limited amount of time we had.  Happily, we were able to accomplish everything with even a little bit of Saturday evening to spare.

Kyle, Nathan, and Brian after wrapping up the weekend's ADR session.