Monday, April 18, 2011

Morning Wake Up

 This is the happy scene that I woke up to this morning, 
April 18th, 2011!

I look out this window and watch the birds as I work at my computer .  
The warblers who have just started to arrive looked a bit confused. 

This is out the other window in my bedroom.  
The tractor is still out there having just tilled up the garden patch a couple of days ago. 

I love the view of our deck covered with snow.

Those of you who prefer summer, do not worry.  By the end of the day it was mostly gone.  The water in the gutters was making that lovely rushing sound like when it rains; but it was just our last winter hurrah melting away in spring's company.


 Look what came to our house! 
I've never had one before.  It was absolutely delicious!

I would be hard pressed to pick between this and flowers.

Thank you JL for your thoughtfulness!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Morning - - - nothing like it!

We stopped in for a quick overnight at Kyle and Gretchen's on our way somewhere else.  Their guest bed is in with the "babies".  happy Grandmother smile

We woke up to these two little cuties.  Gretchen heard them and came in to rescue us and allow us to go back to sleep.  HA Grandparents can sleep anytime!  We weren't about to hand them over.

So I grabbed the camera. 

Nothing like cuddling with your grandchildren when they have just awakened.  They are all toasty and peaceful.. We got in lots of lovin'!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Book

I now have one book to my name.  smile 
I wrote it, illustrated it, and produced it all by my lonesome.  grin
The reason for this book is so that Alaina and Stephen (and future children) can enjoy our "company" any time they want!

 Child Friendly Cover

It took quite a while to put it together, but it was really fun and rewarding.  I went on line and downloaded a bunch of digital pictures and had them printed.  Then I pulled out my scrapbooking supplies and some colored file folders. 

 Each two page spread represents primarily one member of the family.  This is Ken's spread. 

I glued on the pictures making sure to have a few pictures of other family members.  This is Grandma and Grandpa L's spread.  Many wonderful memories in these pages. 

Here is Andrew's section.  Notice the flip-up flap (try to say that fast ten times!!) in the right top corner.  You lift it up with the ribbon. 

Orange is Nate's favorite color.
Each of the flip-ups asks a question.  To find the answer you look under the flap. 

The person under each flap is the same as who is featured on the two page spread.  Matthew's flap was a little hard to come up with.  He is growing and changing so much.  Anyone who has seen him lately can tell that these pictures are a bit outdated!  Hopefully his nose won't change that much?

Then I added stickers of things that the person likes.  You know a chance for increasing vocabulary!  Once a home school mom, always a home school mom. 

 Pink is my favorite color!

I was thinking of those wonderful I Spy books.  So around the outside I wrote things that they could look for on the pages.  On the dark pages it was tricky because I had to find a white pen that wouldn't fade away. 

Can you find a caboose? 

 The End

Since there can sometimes be a while between our visits, this helps keep us connected.  It was a wonderfully fun project. 
Hugs and Kisses to Alaina and Stephen!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On Sunday it got to 86 degrees here-abouts!  It was a dramatic shift from the mid 50's the day before.  shock and awe

We had the privilege of the company of Faith and Melody for the weekend sooooo . . . .
After church the kids took a walk to the lake.  Perfect day for such a thing.  smile

Old road to the lake front.

Of course you can not resist looking for rocks.

Oops!  Watch where you walk!

Sometimes you can find beach glass.  They did find a couple of pieces of blue. 

I love seeing the hand of the Lord even in things as common as rocks.

It was fun for us to be together with long time friends.  Ahhhhhhhh

It is beautiful down by the lake. 

Okay.  Everyone needs to learn how to skip rocks.

It was a bit windy!

Heading back .........................
...with pockets full of rocks.