Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Little Miss

Here is a series of pictures from our last visit with Alaina. She's sitting in Nana's high chair playing with measuring cups! She is sooo much fun and such a sparkler. No prejudice on our part of course.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Haley and I were grocery shopping and saw something that intrigued us. We decided to go ahead and get it for Matthew's 14th birthday dinner with the family.

Well I forgot to get it out since Haley made him banana cream pies! (Boy they were yummy.)

Suddenly when playing a game the other night some one remembered it. We all indulged. But first we guessed what it might taste like.

Have you ever had it before?? I have never even heard of it.

What do you guess it tasted like?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Girl's Night

While the guys were gone to the Father/Son Camp we Moms and daughters got together for a bit of fun.

Girls like flowers and chocolate of course.

In addition to the usual food and games, we decided to learn to fold napkins in a variety of styles and make napkin rings to decorate our Thanksgiving tables. Here are the samples of the napkin folds that we tried.

Haley folded all those and was our instructor.

We practiced using paper napkins! Some of the easiest folds were very pretty.

Some folds had many steps and were more difficult to achieve. This one was called the viking hat. Do you see it??

We of course had delicious fall foods for supper--- soups, cider, and apple desserts.

After our strength was revived with food, some of us made napkin rings while others played games.

Some of our creations.

The Grandpas did neither but enjoyed the cheerful chatter while catching a few winks.

(Grandpa Bud had his nap earlier while we were busy folding.)

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream!

Haley made bouquets for each family to take home.

Good friends, good food, good fun.