Friday, February 29, 2008

More Pictures

Here are pictures that I have collected from friend's blogs and elsewhere. Thank you everyone. Oh, Yes I can still get pictures here on Nate's other computer.

Justin and Kyle before the wedding.

Aliza with Gretchen's flowers. Notice she brought baby #2 along with her!

Here's Tim making sure that everything is as it should be.

The bridesmaids praying with Gretchen before it all gets going.

Kyle's sister Sheila sang "We Are an Offering" while Kyle served communion to Gretchen. This was their first act as a married couple. Here Sheila is practicing with Faith Hemmer. It was beautiful!

Since we took pictures in advance we were able to take our time and not miss out on our guests at the reception. We also had a lot of fun visiting with all the wedding party and their families.

Ken, Kyle and I praying just before we walked in.

Behind the Scenes Pictures

Here are a few of the pictures that we took. We tried to stay out of the way and not use our flashes so that we didn't mess up the photographer. So that means that these pictures have shadows and are taken from odd angles. I bet you'll enjoy them anyway! I do.

Heather was a FABULOUS wedding coordinator. We could not have done it without her.

WOW Matthew suddenly looks so grown up!

Justin and Kyle
I am so grateful for Justin and his wife Megan. They live in Oakland and are such a support for Kyle and Gretchen.

Kyle's sweet mother, Clay and Kenny.

Ken going over his charge.

Mom and I
Isn't she pretty??

Kyle's entire family made it except one niece and his Dad.
His father was sick! :-( We sorely missed him.

When we went to take this picture the photographer asked if Kyle should stay in it as well. Little Matthew answered very emphatically, "He's out! He is out!" Hum....... =)

Elisha did such a great job. She was so well organized and fast! I can't wait to see her photos. {She also took their engagement pictures.}

Gretchen's Grandparents. They are the examples of more than 117 years of marriage and Godly living. They live close by and have been so involved with Gretchen through out her whole life. They are truly excited for her but------ it's hard for them to see her go.

Eden Strings They played the beautiful music from Vivaldi that Gretchen walked in to. Also the music that Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Phillips walked out to. For years, they have been Kyle's friends and "family" away from home.

I have more pictures that I'd like to put up but Nate is taking his computer(pictures are stored in his computer) for the weekend to use for a film competition. =) Fun. So I'll post more next week. Maybe I can snap some pictures of Kyle and Gretchen. They come home tonight from their honeymoon. I think that I can put those up without Nate!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Picture Taking

We took pictures before the wedding. Here are some before the bride comes on the scene.

Kirk, Clay, Kyle, Ken
Here is Kyle and his three handsome brothers. I goofed in the "Kyle's Family" post and didn't get all of his brothers. I missed his brother Kenny. (that's what Kyle calls him) My apologies to everyone in the family and especially Ken!

Kyle with the younger set, Matthew, Taylor & Haley

Sheila, Renee, Barb(Mom), Kristi, and Gretchen

Nate, Matthew and TD

Matthew and Andrew

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Morning Before the Wedding

Gretchen had her devotions under the hair dryer.
[Actually sounds like a good idea for concentration and no interruptions.]

Clothes ready and waiting!

Since each bridesmaid's dress was unique it was really fun to see the girls after they were all dressed. They were beautiful. All the dresses went together and were totally different! Here are two of them just to give you the idea.

Some of the hair was done before they left for the church.
Others waited until they got there to finish their tresses.

Matthew was a tremendous help in getting everyone ready.
Here he is holding curls out of the way.

Behold, the bridegroom cometh!

Kyle came up on Thursday and spent the night with us. On Friday he stayed with his family at the hotel and came over in the morning to get ready.

Happy, Happy wedding day!

The bridesmaids, armed with hairspray, kept Kyle from coming in and seeing his bride!

Hey this was no joke. They had killer hair spray that freezes your hair in place and makes it stiff as a board. HA

After Gretchen was hidden away, Kyle was banished to the bathroom and guarded until the bride and her attendants left for the church.

Off she goes full of anticipation!

Kyle can now come out of confinement! You can't tell from this picture but he looks more ready for the wedding than when he went in. =)

Almost ready.
We had signs hanging all over the place so we wouldn't forget anything.

'Yet again there will be heard in this place, . . . . . . .the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of those who say,
"Give thanks to the LORD of hosts,
For the LORD is good,
For His lovingkindness is everlasting" . . . . . . . .