Monday, May 28, 2012

The Incredible Inflating Baby!


 This is what James looked like when I saw him last.  (Grandma commentary:  Cute isn't he?)

This is James now!!!  (Look at that double chin!  Those rolls!  smooch

 When we were there he got his first bath.  He did great.  He scrunched up his face but didn't cry!  (marvelous child)

Look at him  now!!  (Old Pro)  He's really doing well and Gretchen says that he's started smiling!!  I think he looks like a balloon that someone has started blowing up.  (Isn't he darling.  Can't wait to get my hands on this baby again!)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Opening the Pool

The pool at our new house is a blessing from the Lord.  We really enjoyed our previous pool and I thought that when we moved we'd have to give that up.  Then we found this house and low and behold there was a pool!! It's a beautiful pool with a deck.  Nice, no more wobbly ladders to climb. 

Since the pool hasn't been used for 2 summers the water that was trapped in the pool cover was AWFUL.  Imagine 2 years of stinking rotting leaves.  It was slimey, green, buggy and disgusting!  My sweet and faithful husband spent two days removing the trapped water and then conditioning the pool.  I'm thankful that he's practically a pro at this time. Most folks would have been too intimidated by the job.

I'm glad Ken started the job when he did.  Today when the air temperature hit the mid 90's we were ready to have our inaugural swim!!  Whoopie!!

The water was a balmy 72 degrees.  {You could have heard us screaming at least a mile away as we got in.}   Once the numbness sets in it's great fun.  "grin"

Come join us . . . . . once it warms up a bit. 

Can you guess which one of us was brave enough to jump right in??