Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cousins ~~~ Aunts and Uncles ~~~ Wonderful

 My cousin and her husband came down from Wisconsin to visit last week.  They "kidnapped and wrangled" my Aunt & Uncle to come along!  "wink"  We had a blast.  Oh my . . . . . .

Ken, Randy, Jeri and Denise
 Mom got her photo albums out.  That sparked all kinds of stories!  Matthew was with us and he got a glimpse of my life he hadn't heard of before! 

Mom, Uncle Dave & Aunt Dody 
Seeing my Aunt and Uncle was a special treat.  Aunt Dody looks so much like my dad.  They have some of the same mannerisms too.  Imagine, after all these years living away from each other and you can still see the family resemblances. 

Thank you, thank you, to Denise for going to all the trouble to get us together!  Hugs!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Finished !!

 Sigh.  It feels good to finish something.  (Especially since I'm not even close to being finished with the unpacking from our move in February)  Even so I started this quilt after we moved and actually got it mostly done by Stephen's 2nd birthday in August!! I "gave" it to him then but didn't let him take it home..

Gretchen and her family came up over the weekend and I relinquished custody to Stephen. 

He loves trains, train tracks, railroad crossings and train whistles!  When he visits our house all activity stops if he happens to hear a train.  By looking at it you can tell that the quilt is a BIG hit.  I am most gratified.  "grin" 
Here is my most recent photo of our engineer.  I sure do love this little man!