Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thirty-three years!

In June we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. Here's a bit of a blast from the past.
Karl (Ken's bro) and Sue Brown
Sue, this one is just for you!

Gregg (my brother) and Ken

Bill Koss
Gregg Lainio
Karl Sisson

Grant & Barb Sisson

Bud & Glenna Lainio

Continue at your own risk!
The following pictures are important to family members.
I won't feel slighted if you skip them. Really.

My Grandmother: Ida Pauline Korthals Lainio

She taught me so much, cooking sewing and servant hood. I can't remember her complaining. She lived with our family and served us in so many ways. I know she loved us children. She also spent much time reading her Bible. She had a hunger for the Lord.

My Grandfather & his wife: JD Thomas and Floy
Papaw lived to be 99 years old.

My sweet Aunt Marylyn and her family. Uncle Tommy has gone to be with the Lord, but was always one of my favorites. Uncle TJ gave Ken a serious talking to before we married. I loved him for that.
Aunt Marilyn was also at Gretchen's wedding!

UncleBuck and Aunt Avalon. They were my Mom's Aunt and Uncle. He was such a sparkley stinker and she was as calm and steady as rain. "smile"

Boy the plaids in these pictures are scary!

Karilyn and Tom (Ken's sister)

Oh my don't they look YOUNG! They were married the year before that, maybe a year and a half.

Ken's cousins the Montroys and Jokersts.

Great Aunt Betsy. She was young at heart and full of enthusiasm. She was Grant's Aunt.

Aunt Dessa and Great Aunt Esther Mason.

After the kids were older we would visit Great Aunt Esther while Andrew had his violin lessons. She had been a missionary to the Navajos and in New Guinea. She had stories that would build your faith and make your hair stand on end at the same time! =) My favorite was the one about the insects that would lay it's eggs beneath your skin and the larva would enter your blood stream and come out on your eyeballs at night. Oh I thought mosquitoes were bad. Yikes

Ken's family and the outlaws. Back row: Jeri, Ken, Karl, Kay, Karilyn, and Tom
Front Ken's folks Grant and Barb