Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What kind of a grandma would I be - - - -

if I didn't put up pictures of my grandbabies?

This one is blurry, but he's smiling at me! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

News on The Penny

It's here!  Woo Hoo.  The website for the movie "The Penny" is now up and running.  They have the new trailer up and all sorts of goodies! Congratulations Filmweavers!
Click here:   The Penny .  

“The Penny” is a drama/thriller that follows a series of seemingly insignificant events in a number of people’s lives. Hidden amidst their “bigger” problems, these disconnected pieces of their lives go unnoticed until they begin to fit together in a totally unexpected way. Suddenly these strangers are thrust together by what some would call luck, chance, fate, coincidence, or even destiny. But is it something even bigger than that?

You know I still haven't seen it.  ( it's not released yet)  I can't wait.


Whoa it's taken about a month to get over and recover from the virus I had. Believe it or not, my voice is still not back to normal.  Haley has had it for two weeks and two days and finally has no more fever! Still coughing though.  Hooray it is on its way out. 
So, what have we been up to you ask.  (you did ask didn't you?)

Well - - - - - - - - - nothing.  But I'm happy to report that I have pictures that I am finally going to post that confirm that we did have life before virus.  Now don't you just feel better??
(you don't have to answer that)

It's fall and that means pumpkins and corn mazes.  Here is this year's "Team Jones". 

Wouldn't you follow them through a 11 mile maze? 
Tom you remind me of Teddy Roosevelt in this picture.  

Each year the maze has a theme.  This year was the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America

They're off!

Uncle Tom, Aunt Karilyn and the "cousins". 

You can follow the maze in such a way that you get to punch all of your numbers.

Not where you thought you were??

At the beginning of the maze you could get a paper with questions.  If you answered it correctly then it told you the right direction to go. 

Our beloved Becca.  Does she know where to go?

Here they are on one of the three bridges throughout the maze.

 Beautiful Day!  Tall Corn!

Can you imagine how different it is to go through this after dark.  "grin"

 Notice who is NOT leading.  "smile"  She prefers to stand back and watch.

Looking down on the maze from the 3-4 story tower.  



They had a really long zip line that you could ride down from the tower, but that was expensive.  They had other lines that were free. 

They had more options of things to do go karts etc. 
Great fun not to mention lots of chatting. (Haley's commentary)

Maybe next year we can get a big group again.  How about after dark?  "wink"