Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Scoop!

Thanks for your kind comments and congratulations!
Your excitement adds to our very great happiness!

I'll try to get my head out of the clouds long enough to give you some specifics. ;-)

Kyle proposed on Wednesday, Sep 26th and it was a complete and total surprise! (Not the fact that he proposed of course, but the when and where!) Mom, Haley and I had stopped in to eat lunch at my Aunt Sharon's house. We came in, brought our food into the dining room and chatted for a while. It must have been at least ten minutes of very normal and natural conversation before Aunt Sharon asked if I would run down and grab some chicken out of the freezer, making her morning sickness her excuse (baby #2 is due in April!). I didn't suspect a thing!

I ran down to the basement, found the freezer & grabbed the chicken, then turned around to go upstairs. Suddenly I heard this man's voice, and there was Kyle, walking across the room to meet me! I was so shocked . . . . . . . I just stood there, trying to understand what was going on! It didn't take too long to dawn on me. :-)

Kyle took the chicken out of my hands, led me into the center of the room, and said . . . well, simply imagine the sweetest, most wonderful things you could wish to hear, and you'll be fairly close. I will simply add that he did, indeed, go down on one knee (Matthew asked when we got home), he gave me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!

I've always had a secret wish to be surprised by the "when" of my proposal, but I didn't think that Kyle would pull it off. The mention of a walk or any romantic surroundings during our times together would have made me suspicious at once! But I never imagined he would come up in the middle of the week. He and my delightfully conniving family did a marvelous job of arranging the perfect day!

Mom had made certain that I was dressed for the occasion, so Kyle and I left from Gregg and Sharon's to have dinner at a beautiful restaurant. The last thing I expected to be doing that night was having dinner with my fiance! We rejoined the family and both grandparents that evening to show off the ring, tell the story, and spend some precious time praying. It was a wonderful day that leaves me with delightful memories!

By the way, if you happen to drop by, you might not want to mention anything about "chicken in the freezer". This innocent sounding phrase has been known to make me loose all ability to concentrate or maintain rational conversation. :-) -GJ

Pictures courtesy of my multi talented and very patient brother, Nate.


Crissfamily said...

Congratulations and may the Lord richly bless you both as you prepare to marry and spend your lives together. We are so happy for you both. The ring is beautiful.
Mrs. Criss

Dunn family said...

Thanks for the story of the proposal and for sharing all the beautiful pictures. Nate did a great job! We are so happy for you!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
~The Dunns

Momma Amy said...

How sweet!! Thanks for the details.

Now throughout your whole married life, getting chicken out of the freezer will have such meaning and bring back delightful memories! :)

Heather Paulsen said...

GREAT PICTURES! You guys looks so awesome together! I am so excited.


Anonymous said...

I'm giddy just reading about your giddiness!! Thank you for being so open to share these special moments. It's so much fun to hear. May you always have plenty of chicken to retrieve from your freezer!


TulipGirl said...

Congratulations! Of course, I'm not surprised after all the sparkly-eyed, head-in-the-clouds blogging the past few months.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you.


Colin Finlay said...

Gretchen & Kyle
Many congratulations! This is excellent news, and a fine piece of conniving on the part of the Sisson family! We'd expect nothing less!

I am so excited for you guys. Marriage is a most excellent club to belong to.

Your friend over the water.

Colin Finlay

Anonymous said...

Hey that is just awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! its me............. ;) the one who ask about your ages. its nice to see you are finally engaged. yoh!!! its about time. (just kidding, well, actually no i am not!)
congratulations. just for your information. i am nobody you know, just stumbled on your blog, and i like it. really entertaining. :D i know you like anonymous people. :D:D:D lol *so long* :b

The Barnett Tribe said...

Congratulations Gretchen! Our family so excited about you engagement, may God continue to shower His blessings on you.
Love the ring by the way! (Though it wouldn't hurt to see a close,close up!)

-The Barnett Tribe

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Gretchen! When is the big day? Gen Rogers

The Domestic Intellectual said...

Congrats girly! You looked very ready at Jaimie's birthday:-) Let me know if you need a hand with anything... I am not that far away any more. Hopefully I will make it up your way soon and can see your joyous self in person.