Friday, December 28, 2012

Kwanjula Part One

What is that you ask.  Well here goes. A Kwanjula is basically an African/Ugandan betrothal ceremony. The word means to introduce.  It is a day when the bride-to-be formally introduces her future husband (and his people who escort him) to her parents and relatives.  Some of them have already met but this is a time of publicly acknowledging their engagement. 

Andrew and Fiona celebrated their Kwanjula on November 25th.  

The party was held near Kampala Uganda.

 View of beautiful Kampala from the deck of the Cassia Lodge.
Lake Victoria is in the background.

 Xandi & Baby, Laura Capp and Fiona

On the chosen date the bride's family gathers first. 

Here are some of Fiona's friends and relatives.

  These traditional dresses that they are wearing are called Gomesi.  Fiona wore this for the first half of the day.

  Then Andrew's friends gathered.

Kanzu and Gomesi are cultural dresses for males and females respectively.  Here are the guys in their Kanzus.    Andrew said that he had to have his suit coat buttoned or it would be considered a declaration of war.  He was careful to button all three buttons.

Andrew with the many gifts that he gives to Fiona's family. 
Notice the basket with 5 chickens! 

There is a traditional Mutwalo, bride price, required.  It may involve a number of cows or simply a Bible.  It depends on the family.  There are also other items that are required.  These baskets, Bibos (covered in netting above) contain all sorts of things: fruits and vegetables, bread (a good number of loaves), sugar, salt, soap, paraffin, cooking oil, curry powder, sugar and a host of related items.

 Andrew's group had to seek permission to enter from one of Fiona's family representatives who gave them a really hard time. Sometimes they require a bribe! 

Andrew's side coming in to the party.  His tent is set up opposite Fiona's.

 Andrew was also required to give the official brother-in-law a cock.  I bet he was glad that he has had all that experience raising chickens with our family.  "smile"


   Xandi acted as his sister and Judson as his brother.

 Here are Andrew's friends bringing in all the gifts.

I'm not sure if this took place before the gift exchange or not but Fiona's Aunties served Andrew and friends a chicken dinner.  It was first smoked and then steamed in banana leaves.  It was yummy.

So far Fiona wasn't even allowed in the celebration.  She missed about half of everything and stayed in a room off to the side.

Part 2 to follow shortly.


Christine said...

What a neat ceremony and tradition! It'd be fun to receive chickens, I think. :)

Brenna H. said...

That is fascinating! Excited to see part 2.

Terra said...

Fascinating, and I like the traditional dresses that are very pretty.